Morgan Sweeney
Morgan Sweeney

A sophomore at the University Of Wisconsin- Madison studying Strategic Communications and Political Science. I take my mornings sunny, with some green tea, and a splash of freckles.

UW-Madison student killed in pedestrian-vehicle crash

The driver of the vehicle is suspected of driving while intoxicated.

Only a true Badger can score a 100 percent on this quiz, do you have what it takes?

You may have had the ACT scores and GPA to get in, but have you really earned the right to be a Badger?

How many calories are in your favorite UW-Madison drunk food?

You may not remember what you ate in the morning but your body can not forget the calories

Alec Cook expelled from UW-Madison after ‘responsible’ verdict for ‘crime of violence’ in university hearing

A university committee has found Cook responsible for a ‘crime of violence’

Quiz: Which dorm should you have actually lived in Freshmen year?

We weren’t all meant to be in Sellery or Witte.

A stranger sexually assaulted a woman in Grainger Hall

The incident occurred at 3:00pm

The woman flipping off the Governor’s Mansion is all of us

A hero

This new penis-themed video game raises money for Planned Parenthood

Of course the IUD plays the hero

UW-Madison Sigma Chi fraternity suspended

The fraternity members were reportedly singing a song glorifying sexual assault

What your boyfriend’s winter jacket says about him

He won’t let you borrow it

An ode to Wausau

Briqs anyone?

An ode to Memorial Union

It’s good for more than just basic sunset pics

Problems only tall girls will understand

Parties in attics are the worst

Problems only tall girls will understand

Parties in attics are the worst

UW-Madison ranked number five for best student life

Once again, Badgers do it better

How a college student is turning photography into a full time job

Fluorescent lit classrooms by day and concert and club lights by night

University of Wisconsin women take back the night

“However we dress, wherever we go, yes means yes, and no means no!”

UW Madison campus map of sexual assaults

Greater than 90 percent of sexual assaults on college campuses go unreported

UW-Madison student arrested on sexual assault charges

The incident is said to have taken place last Wednesday

I broke up with my boyfriend because college is the time to be selfish

We are young, hot, free and strong

The best Halloween costume ideas

Halloween is just a few short weeks away.