Mary Ellen Dowd
Mary Ellen is a sophomore at Rutgers University majoring in Journalism and Media Studies.

Why don’t we leave frat ratio in 2017?

‘I could see that we were just being numbered. You’re just one of five girls that I might fuck tonight’

Rutgers staff accused of sexual misconduct by students in anonymous Google doc

10 separate incidents were listed

Former Rutgers football player Tejay Johnson sentenced to 15 years in prison

Following a string of robberies in 2015

This student-run Instagram page is single-handedly saving Brower

RU sure Brower sucks? Think again

Rutgers alum killed in NYC attack yesterday

Darren Drake was one of eight named victims of the Manhattan attack

A YAL speaker tried to expose the Daily Targum for being anti-conservative

And got hit with a court summons mid-speech

Political Activist James O’Keefe is coming to Rutgers

He was invited by the same guys that brought Milo

Rutgers man assaulted on Delafield Street

What’s going on, Delafield?

Henry’s Diner is taking meal swipes, God may be real?

Milkshakes for daysssss

Frat brother involved in Delafield stabbing has been released from custody

Mannifield spent one week in county jail.

So here’s what actually happened on Easton this weekend

I guess it wasn’t in our imaginations

What in God’s name happened on Easton last night?

Weird noises? Bleeding men?

Rutgers is one of the top 100 schools in America according to 2018 US News ranking

Started from the bottom, now we here