Lauren Uttley

Student Contributor

Lauren Uttley
Exeter University

Student lifestyle, student wellbeing, news, current events, politics, culture, cost of living, music, feminism, literature

  • Lauren Uttley is a frequent contributor to the Tab, covering a range of student topics such as lifestyle and current events on campus.
  • Lauren enjoys writing about individual student experience, such as issues with women's safety, mental health, and the cost of living at University.
  • Lauren is interested in politics, current affairs and music. She is Events Manager for a venue and keeps up to date with the local music scene in Exeter.


Lauren Uttley began writing for the Tab in her third year. She is a Broadcast Journalist for TalkTV, and has worked for the company for over a year. She is currently the established set up producer for Sundays 1-4pm. She is also well trained in visual production.


Lauren is studying BA English at The University of Exeter, and is due to graduate in 2024. She has studied modules in Censorship and Critical Theory, and is currently writing her final-year dissertation on Pink Floyd's 1979 concept album 'The Wall' as a significant moment for protest music and political counterculture.


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