Karen Ruiz
Assistant Editor

Bernie Sanders is coming to Rutgers on Sunday

Get ready to feel the Bern

Ben and Jerry are on College Ave RIGHT NOW giving out free ice cream for Bernie Sanders

Come feel the Bern on the Brower steps

Everything we’ll miss as graduating seniors at Rutgers

It’s been an emotional four years

The Daily Targum is going to survive

You heard it here first

BREAKING: Graduating students will be provided three guest tickets for commencement

The tickets will be barcoded and non-transferrable

Rutgers is one of the most sleep-deprived universities in America

You’re probably falling asleep in class right now

The boys of 73 Huntington might have thrown their last dage ever

And we are all devastated

President Barchi announces 2016 commencement will be live-streamed due to limited seating

Students who are not graduating will not be accommodated

BREAKING: President Obama will be speaking at Commencement this year


UPDATE: Victims of Rutgers shooting identified as student and recent grad

Three people have been taken into custody

BREAKING: Bill Moyers announced as Rutgers commencement speaker

Sorry, it’s not Obama

These are all the people who really thought Obama was coming to RU

Lol, sorry

BREAKING: RUPA servers crash during Cash Cash ticket rush


We asked drunk kids on spring break if their parents would be proud of them

‘This spring break I did not really have limits, I just drank, and when I drink, mistakes are made’

RUSA passes resolution for members to undergo sexual misconduct training

The course aims to educate students in handling situations of sexual or interpersonal misconduct

Everything that will happen when you’re a girl with a male best friend

It’s strictly platonic

BREAKING: Rutgers fires head basketball coach Eddie Jordan

The head coach was dismissed after a disappointing season

More people should appreciate North Bergen, the best hometown in the world

Something always makes us want to come back

Having a resting bitch face is ruining my life

‘Sorry, that’s just my face’

Vote for the best and worst Rutgers alumni

You don’t get these guys at Princeton

President Barchi just got a big fat pay raise

Barchi was the highest-paid public college president in New Jersey for 2013-2014

So George Washington was on a bar crawl on Easton Ave last night

Because in case you didn’t know, today is G Dub’s 284th birthday

Jewish student claims she came home to find a swastika taped to her apartment ceiling

Sara said: ‘RU Police chided me for calling 9-1-1 and ultimately declared that this issue was not their domain’

RUPD issues warning to students after FIVE crime alerts this semester alone

The last alert was for an aggravated assault which happened on Saturday night

We spent a Tuesday night with an Olde Queens bouncer

Tuesdays are great for us, but the worst for him

Social media went wild after Milo Yiannopoulos spoke at Rutgers

The internet had a field day

It all kicked off after the Black Lives Matter protest against Milo last night

A girl called someone a ‘racist bitch’

What happened when Milo Yiannopoulos came to Rutgers

The crowd chanted ‘Trump’ and ‘Black Lives Matter’ during his speech

Brace yourselves – The Chipotle on George Street is closed today

Along with every other Chipotle in the country

Two Rutgers students charged with attempted murder and aggravated assault after fight at Old Bay

It happened early this morning

Milo Yiannopoulos is coming to Rutgers next Tuesday

Prepare to be triggered

Students troll Mary Lambert event page with body image jokes

One of them called her ‘a shining star in this universe of hatred and mean people’

Rutgers student Brianna Thomas missing since this weekend

Police are appealing for information

Stabbing in Mettler Hall

RU alert says suspect in custody

Off-campus fire leaves four students displaced

Three residents are now looking for temporary housing

OK, who is drawing pentagrams on Livi?

Just in time for Halloween

TDX shouldn’t be forced to take down their Breast Cancer Awareness signs

At Rutgers, you’re free to say whatever you want – as long as it’s PC

Rutgers student stabbed in back on College Avenue last night

He recovered in hospital after a fight broke out

Power outage delays men’s soccer game

Thanks a lot Penn State

Rutgers senior hit by car on Easton Avenue

He is OK after a trip to hospital