Kerri Truesdale

First coronavirus death confirmed in Northern Ireland

The patient was being treated in a hospital in the greater Belfast area

Thompson’s and Limelight amongst number of Belfast bars closing on St Patrick’s Day

A day that every pub in Belfast would be buzzing with customers, will now be quiet

Students are livid over QUB pro-life society being nominated for an SU award

‘Take back my degree I no longer want it’

Flybe’s collapse leave Belfast airports looking like ‘ghost towns’

Staff were told they’d lost their jobs by email

There’s a Catholic Protestant quiz in Ulster museum by the Derry Girls blackboard

I’m living for this

Police in Belfast are handing out flyers recommending drinking less to avoid being raped

They call alcohol the ‘number one rape drug’

3,600 complaints made against students in the Holylands in four years

The locals are NOT happy

The nine types of boy you’ll find on Belfast Tinder

I need a farmer to hmu x

Hillary Clinton named as new Chancellor of QUB

She will be the first woman to hold this position

A car got stuck in a street in the Holylands and people have been memeing it ever since

The Vengabus is coming was playing

Over 2000 people sign petition to remove QUB pro-life protesters from campus

The goal was 1,500 signatures

Plastik bouncers filmed putting man in chokehold on the dancefloor

Plastik have declined to comment