Kay Smythe

Two Plymouth students busted for supply of Class A

A great way to end the year

Hey big spender: Purcell splurges thousands on hotel rooms

She’s done it again

Fire crew called out after pan goes up in flames

It’s getting hot in here

Bigoted homophobes attack third year for publishing a survey on gender identity

They told him to commit suicide

Tributes paid for Nursing student who died

His funeral is on Monday

Baby bird freezes in reservoir after it was stranded

It was really upsetting

Disgusted third year finds baked fingernail in her pizza


Wendy Purcell no longer Vice-Chancellor, but she’ll still be President

Purcell gets a job makeover after frittering away your tuition fees

Janner stabs student with broken bottle

He’s been jailed for 14 months

It’s going to snow


Swansea: The worst hometown ever

But only people from Swansea can say Swansea is shit

She’s baaaaaack: Purcell to return to work in Plymouth University

Wendy Purcell, David Coslett and James Brent team up to run OUR university

Power cut catastrophe forces halls to be evacuated

Power cuts run rife in Plymouth with yet another blackout for the city

This is where you should be going for Halloween

There’s nothing but treats this year

Watch out wizards: Getting stuck in lifts will start costing you money

Over 200 people have been stuck in lifts in Plymouth in the past five years

Pensioner killed in car park accident with Marjon fresher

The woman died as a result of her injuries

Flop house night costs UPSU £3000…after only 50 people turn up

DJ Sidney Charles is used to playing to 5000 fans

She feared expulsion for telling the truth: Union tried to gag Knowledge editor over embarrassing stories

The Spending Scandal escalates

Politics grad who wore Jimmy Savile mask is standing for UKIP in the election

Of course it’s UKIP

Accio fire brigade! Harry Potter society trapped in lift returning from Sorting ceremony

Harry Potter and the curse of the Babbage Lift