Julia White
Julia White

This delivery service will solve all of your problems

GoPuff has everything you could possibly think of and need… like, literally everything.

What majors should be called based on what they really do

Because the current names fall a little short.

Bandier Program to move from VPA to Newhouse

Syracuse University’s music industry program is officially being moved from VPA to Newhouse.

Syracuse sophomore heads to SXSW Music Festival in Austin, Texas

Cesco Giannini is making us proud.

Ah, February: the season of PDA and pessimism

We get you love her, but please, for the sake of this entire university, save it for later.

Meet the creator of a unique clothing line originating from Syracuse

You won’t be able to take your eyes off of Madison Silverberg’s work.

College basketball is 1000x better than college football

Take it from Syracuse students.

You chose not to go Greek, and that’s okay

I promise, you don’t need to worry that you don’t want to rush.

Dear high school seniors, ‘Cuse is for you

Filing through your acceptance letters just got a little bit easier.

Thanksgiving break has us reflecting on our first semester as Syracuse students

This is some look-out-the-window-on-the-trip-home-while-listening-to-deep-music reflecting.

First-time voters react strongly to Trump’s win

I asked first-time voters to give their opinions on the outcome of the election and Trump’s victory. Let’s just say it wasn’t too pretty.

All the mistakes you’ll inevitably make freshman year

We were excited, but maybe too excited. Us freshmen can sometimes get way too far ahead of ourselves.

Syracuse women’s club soccer team makes it to Nationals for the first time

They’re working their butts off and making it count.

The ups and downs of a long distance relationship in college

It can sure be a rollercoaster, but this long and twisty ride is nothing if you’re beside the right person.

The quad is arguably the best spot on campus

Let’s appreciate it before it gets covered in snow