Jenna Corderoy
Kings, Law At the tender age of seven Jenna saw Cliff Richard and Chris de Burgh live in concert, and was inspired to learn how to play an instrument. After almost failing Grade One piano, Jenna set her sights on role of Tab Music Critic. She occasionally dabbles in comedy and radio. Her Halloween article was described by Billy Big Balls as 'superb'. She hopes it was her he was describing.

Interview: The Stranglers

JENNA CORDEROY talks to JJ Burnel from the legendary punk band THE STRANGLERS, who have in their time managed to win an Ivor Novello award, piss off Michael Eavis and shove bananas up their arses. Rock and roll.

Interview: Jeffrey Lewis

JEFFREY LEWIS has an uncle who’s “probably the best Jewish socialist rapper in Brooklyn over the age of 60, and probably the best rapper in some other categories too”, and other stories.

The Bravery

JENNA CORDEROY: The Bravery live up to the name of punk as they smash back onto the UK music scene

The Go! Team

JENNA CORDEROY on how The Go! Team kept everyone in a continual state of groove.

Justin Currie

JENNA CORDEROY: feared that the performance would be more like listening to Magic FM, but was proved wrong by Justin Currie.

Interview: The Decemberists

JENNA CORDEROY talks to Russo-Greco-Smithian indie band The Decemberists, in the wake of their new album, ‘The King Is Dead’.

Jeffrey Lewis & Peter Stampfel Folk Band

JENNA CORDEROY: “Thoroughly entertaining, energetic, and ridiculously funny; you should try to catch Jeffrey Lewis and Peter Stampfel on their UK tour this year.”

The Smiths Indeed

JENNA CORDEROY:”The band truly captured the sounds of The Smiths, transporting the audience back to the ’80s.”

Weird Al Yankovic

JENNA CORDEROY: “As the stage screen flickered to life, broadcasting clips of American chat show hosts calling out the comedian’s name, it was time to get weird.”

Casiotone for the Painfully Alone

JENNA CORDEROY reviews Casiotone’s final tour

Tab Cribs: King’s

Yearn for views good enough to ‘beat any hangover’? One lucky King’s student has just that and more.

Halloween’s Coming

Looking for a frightful night and scared the bop just won’t quite cover it? JENNA CORDEROY puns her way through five days’ worth of Halloween ideas for this spooky week.

Review: The EllaFunks

JENNA CORDEROY: ‘with a Corona in one hand and a notepad in the other, I braced myself for what was going to be an electrifying night, and watch the professionals at work’

Cream of the Cam

JENNA CORDEROY on the fabulous and the famous currently studying in a college near you. Get stalking.

Review: Kent Impulses Tour

JENNA CORDEROY: ‘You should think yourself lucky if you catch them touring around the country: they are simply pure magic.’

Review: 65daysofstatic

For JENNA CORDEROY, the gig broke up the monotony of a Sunday evening and the band did their new album justice.

Review: La Roux

JENNA CORDEROY: ‘Definite talent there, and I hold high hopes for Elly Jackson: she won’t be fading into the mist of time just yet.’

Review: BBC Three

After escaping the BBC cuts unscathed, JENNA CORDEROY looks at the shows that make it such a valuable public service for procrastination.

Review: The Wild Places of Essex

Essex girl JENNA CORDEROY is less than impressed with the patronising Robert Frost-alike presenter of this unusal nature show.

Uni Survival Guide: The All Nighter

JENNA CORDEROY on how to survive an all night essay crisis. Caffeine overdose, paranoia and power ballads abound.