Jeff Carpenter
Trinity Hall, Theology Renaissance man, spectacular lover; indeed some even say a god. Writes exclusively for us despite ceaseless, desperate attempts by Varsity and TCS to have him write even a few words for their paper 'papers'. A renowned director, writer, composer, pianist, poet, and indeed theologian, the depth of his wisdom in any area knows no bounds. A perfect writer for the most popular newspaper in Cambridge.

Frimston and Rowett

Frimston and Rowett are swell, just swell in JEFF CARPENTER’s book.

Merrily We Roll Along

JEFF CARPENTER is merrily blown away by this top shelf music.

CU Show Choir: You Can’t Stop The Beat

JEFF CARPENTER wonders why they won’t smile.

Take the Fast Train

JEFF CARPENTER takes the first sting of his Lent term criticism out on some sixth formers. The bully.

The Ratcatcher

JEFF CARPENTER is fittingly bewitched by the piper’s tunes but otherwise left unenchanted.

Acis and Galatea

JEFF CARPENTER find Acis and Galatea a musical delight, despite its total silliness.

Avenue Q

Cue JEFF CARPENTER’s review to boo, sudbue then eschew Avenue Q so you don’t have to.


JEFF CARPENTER honks for great music and tech, but gags on weaker performances than we’ve come to expect.

Varsity Big Bands’ Battle

JEFF CARPENTER reviews the Varsity Big Band Battle ‘What an incredible evening of big band jazz – but let me say – Cambridge are a cut and a half above Oxford’.

Jet Set Go!

JEFF CARPENTER soars on wings of camp musical glory.

The Tab Tail Wags at Lads’ Mags

JEFF CARPENTER does the hard work so you don’t have to- three top lad’s mags thoroughly reviewed for your reading pleasure.

The Birthday Party

JEFF CARPENTER [pause] enjoyed [pause] this [pause] play.