Jessica Crabbe

Orlando Bloom just got told off for calling himself a ‘pikey from Kent’

On Radio 1 this morning

How girls develop as clubbers over the years

But did u do body con dress with heels?

This summer’s graduation ceremonies will not be in Canterbury Cathedral

Absolute liberty!!!!!!!!!!!!

Today’s teens will never know the 2000s struggle of using webcam to perfect your selfie skills

No filter? No problem

City Sound Project lineup announced


Canterbury Tesco is pulling Heineken beers from shelves

They’re refusing to accept Heineken’s price increases, which it blamed on the weak pound and the budget

No one turned up to the X-Factor auditions in Kent

Only 40 people showed

Gorillaz are making their comeback in Kent

They will be playing in Margate on the 10th June

Reverse culture shock is the worst part of any year abroad

And you thought the hardest thing would be leaving home

Sankeys is coming to Kent

Opening party on April 1st

All the best reactions to Special Kent Clubbers of the week

Age is just a number

The Tab Kent Power List

The big dogs of Kent

All the things you experience in the Bucks bubble


There’s a student protest against the NSS today

The Student Assembly Against Austerity are demonstrating from 9am-1pm

We want you to write for The Tab Kent this term

We get fruity on Thursdays

How to tell if you’re the Bridget of your girl gang

You’ll choose ginormous pants over a thong for practicality

An emotional goodbye to the old Templeman Library

Gone are the days you could enjoy your baked good in peace

These Kent grads are cycling around the world on a tandem bike

Why do a grad scheme when you can break a world record?

There’s going to be an open forum to discuss Black History Month at UKC

It’s happening tonight in KLT1 at 6:30pm

Kent Union’s Facebook page has plummeted to a 1.3 star rating

All down to Zayn Gate

Angus Thongs and Perfect Snogging shaped a generation of women


Angus Thongs and Perfect Snogging shaped a generation of women


People have already started a Christmas countdown, and I can’t stand it

It’s October. We don’t care if there are 13 Mondays until Christmas

Kent maintains world ranking by Times Higher Education

It’s nothing to write home about, but it ain’t all bad

A guide to everything going on at Kent Freshers’ Week

Here’s all you’ll need to know for the busiest week on the Kent social calendar

Why do all boys think they’re in the Bullingdon Club?

You go to Kent Uni

BNOC of the Year: Group Two

Don’t you wish you were this popular?

BNOC of the Year 2015: Group One

Who’s your winner?

Ring the alarm: GBK is opening in Kent

Come at me

The Cheese Room is the epicentre of modern British clubbing

This next one is an absolute tune

No spray, no lay: Club toilet attendants are selfless nightlife heroes

Don’t take the piss, they’re the reasons your hands don’t smell of it

Alarm chaos at Templeman with just FOUR DAYS until exams

Crammers were forced to wait outside for half an hour

Young gunz: UKC makes prestigious 100 under 50 rankings

We’re one of the best newcomers in the world

Kent ranked 113th…by Kent

Do we get a certificate for loathing ourselves this much?

Vensday clubbers of the week


I can’t stop crying about Zayn Malik

He lit up our world, like nobody else

Vensday clubbers of the week: Beanie special

It was supposed to a normal Wednesday night out…

You don’t need to be Irish to enjoy St. Patrick’s day

Let us join in the fun

When’s the best time to leave Venners?

It’s hard to know when enough moves have been busted and when you need to bust a move

The ultimate way to procrastinate

Procrastination for the nation

Going to uni in the North is far better than down South

Wye-Aye are we being mugged off down here?

Venzday’s Champs


An ode to those friends from home

Please stop being too cool to be my friend anymore

Vensday’s finest

Look at these animals

The boys you’ll meet at Kent before giving up on romance altogether

BRB becoming a nun

Things girls say they don’t do, but they do

At least, I can’t be the only one…

Living with boys is not as fun as you think

A frightening look at the reality of living with the opposite sex