James Macnamara
James Macnamara grew up in Norfolk and is therefore troubled by some of the things he has witnessed in Cambridge. He is adept at saying the wrong thing and gets shouted at accordingly. James is known widely for his knowledge of English apple varieties, and his unusually long nails –…


JAMES MACNAMARA concludes this term’s theatre reviews with yet another plea. Do this kind of kind of thing again, but with less gay jokes.

Leaving the Ward

JAMES MACNAMARA discusses a piece that contains some remarkable theatre, but ultimately undermines awareness of what madness really is.

A Meaty ‘Mare

JAMES MACNAMARA asks whether our anger should focus more on the practices of the meat industry in general than on Black Beauty.


JAMES MACNAMARA is unnerved by the lack of attention to a difficult historical context in this week’s Corpus late show.

An Italian Straw Hat

“Perhaps, sir, this might be offered as a definition of energy, in the light of science’s inadequacy on such matters…” JAMES MACNAMARA writes on this week’s ADC late show.

Killing Other People

This piece of new student writing doesn’t quite reach the profundity it aims for, writes JAMES MACNAMARA

Far Away From the Watering-Hole

“This will not be an ‘omg it’s just been week five and this play really brightened my mood’ kind of review. It has just been, and it did, but I’m feeling more existential than that.” JAMES MACNAMARA celebrates an evening of unadulterated fun.


“In order to fulfil what is potentially a very important function, Hatch needs to re-examine its identity… until it does so, I cannot offer it my support.” Hatch still hasn’t cracked it, writes JAMES MACNAMARA.

When the Rain Stops Falling

JAMES MACNAMARA recommends a show that will leave you in unbitter tears.


FACES didn’t always get JAMES MACNAMARA making the right faces, but it’s worth it for when it did.


“But bro, I thought this kind of schtick was meant to be, like, well meaningful?” JAMES MACNAMARA explains why it wasn’t.

Drink Me

reviews an JAMES MACNAMARA play. experimental


JAMES MACNAMARA: This play CODA-been a contender, but then it started discussing [REDACTED].


JAMES MACNAMARA is a red-blooded critic and he likes his poetry raw.

Uneasy Dreams

JAMES MACNAMARA is left depressed, depraved and seeking solace. The play was alright, though.


Finally, a play to take JAMES MACNAMARA down and make him go all weak at the knees.


Like any decent critic, JAMES MACNAMARA enjoys watching actors kill and eat each other onstage.


JAMES MACNAMARA is left in two states of mind over a play that addresses the fallout of British Imperialism in the Middle East.

The Orphanarium of Erthing Worthing

JAMES MACNAMARA: Absurdity is the true human condition and, as this play shows, it’s brilliant.

The Lonesome West

JAMES MACNAMARA looks upwards and yet not northwards, and finds a vision of the west of Ireland that’s patched up its quantum instabilities with lots of accents and jokes.