Hamzah Abbas

The University of York has postponed a Brexit conference due to having all male speakers

The decision comes ‘in order to create a more balanced statement’

York is introducing the Ask for Angela scheme

The campaign aims to help protect people who feel they aren’t in a safe situation

All lectures at York will now be on lecture capture

This is HUGE

Durham SU have now introduced pronoun badges

They are to encourage inclusivity

York’s Sabbatical Officers to visit Auschwitz this term after year of anti-semitic incidents

They will take part in the Lessons from Auschwitz project

Unity Health’s patient registration ban has been lifted

The inspection found it had made ‘significant improvements’

It’s official, York is the second best university in the north

We beat York St John, shock

Special report: Unity Health missed a student’s potential cancer warning signs

The Tab’s investigation has revealed one student’s account of their traumatic experience using the practice

A love letter to Courtyard, aka the best place on campus

Nachos & football, can you really ask for much more?

Salvos speak out: ‘As long as there’s 20,000 students in York, we’ll have a business’

Club Salvation have assured students they’re here to stay

Here’s which unis are providing pronoun badges for transgender students this year

We reached out to 40 UK unis to find out

Unity Health due for re-inspection next week to see if they are able to start registering freshers

They hope to have special measures lifted

The University of York has been shortlisted for the University of the Year award

Go us!

Plans have now been submitted to turn Salvos into a restaurant and flats

I’m not crying, you’re crying

Manchester student found £1,000 in trainers she bought on eBay…and sent it back

‘I was glad I returned the money’

If your college was a Nando’s order, this is what it’d be

We’re back answering the important questions in life

Teenagers who robbed two people outside Notts uni library allowed to walk free

This is despite the judge saying that had an adult committed the offences

Would you have won £100k on The Chase last night? Take this quiz to find out

They are the heroes we don’t deserve

Every annoying thing you’ll have to put up with as a York student of dual heritage

Just because I’m not white it doesn’t mean I’m not English

A ranking of university courses based on how white they are

Medicine and Law are actually amongst the most diverse