Georgina Wong

Georgina Wong
Cambridge University


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Cambridge University Charity Fashion Show 2016: The Review

Unlimited alcohol, live entertainment, and haute couture: CUCFS promised us all a night to remember, and it didn’t fail to deliver.

Beauty PHOTOSHOOT: Winter is Coming

Through step by step tutorials, THE TAB presents two dramatic beauty looks, perfect for elevating your ordinary makeup when the dark nights set in.


With tickets for Cambridge’s annual fashion show going on sale today, THE TAB collaborates with CUCFS to preview one of the collections that will be on show this year.

PHOTOSHOOT: Celebrating Diversity in Cambridge

To celebrate Black History Month, GEORGINA WONG interviewed Priscilla Mensah about BME issues and styles a black and white photo shoot

Best Dressed: Cambridge Affordable Vintage Fair

GEORGINA WONG and VICCI NELMES scout out the best dressed shoppers at this term’s popular instalment of Judy’s Affordable Vintage Fair

Best Dressed: Freshers’ Fair

The Tab’s Fashion editors, GEORGINA WONG and VICCI NELMES scout out the best dressed students at this year’s Freshers’ Fair.

What clothes you’ll need to bring with you to Cambridge

GEORGINA WONG breaks down all the events you can look forward to at Cambridge, and what you will need to wear to them.

King’s Affair: Best Dressed

GEORGINA WONG picks out the most inventive outfits seen at one of the biggest highlights of May Week

Pembroke May Ball: Best Dressed

Pembroke’s ‘Elemental’ May Ball was classy and fun: GEORGINA WONG scouts out the attendees who dressed to the occasion

St. John’s May Ball: Best Dressed

GEORGINA WONG scouts out the best dressed partygoers at Cambridge’s most exclusive ball.

Feminism and fashion: I dress for myself

GEORGINA WONG questions how feminists dress in a world obsessed with the sexualisation of the body

Fit College: King’s vs Emmanuel

In this week’s edition of THE TAB’s Fit College, King’s and Emmanuel fight for your vote

Fit College: Newnham vs Medwards

It’s an all-girls contest for THE TAB’s episode of Fit College this week – will Newnham’s blonde duo or Murray Edwards’ brunette couple get your vote?

Cambridge Affordable Vintage Fair

GEORGINA WONG and VICCI NELMES scout out the best-dressed shoppers at The Cambridge Affordable Vintage Fair

College Style: Trinity

This week THE TAB scouts Trinity’s best-dressed

College Style: Pembroke

TAB FASHION scouts the best-dressed students at Pembroke

Fit College: Trinity vs Tit Hall

In this week’s Fit College, Trinity goes head to head with Trinity Hall

Fit College: Pembroke vs Queens’

It doesn’t matter who you vote for, just make sure you vote