Lizzy Williamson

Lizzy Williamson
Exeter, Devon
Exeter University

Working on my degree in English allows me to transfer the skills and knowledge acquired in my degree, to writing for The Tab.

  • My most important achievement so far would be attending the University of Exeter and hopefully getting a 1st in my undergraduate degree of English.
  • Secondly, probably writing for The Tab Exeter and getting to explore all their benefits, allowing me to express my passion for writing and journalism.
  • Honestly, being able to successfully finish a 3000 word essay without copping out and going 10% under the word count.


My undergraduate degree course of English at the University of Exeter, has taught me invaluable skills in research and developing writing styles. Writing regular essays throughout the last 3 years, I am certainly comfortable and competent in making my writing sound attractive and according to factual details. I have also written for the English department newsletter.


I studied English in school in GCSE's, where I first discovered my love for the subject. I very easily decided to take English for A Level (it was a no brainer), for it was my aim to study it further at University, which I am very grateful to say that I am at the University of Exeter.


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