Erin Penney
Campus Editor

I manage a dating website for people with boats

It’s called and it’s excellent

What it’s like to be a Democrat in the South

‘It’s like a salmon swimming upstream. It is difficult, but you are in good company’

Emory is the 10th most diverse college in America

Because a convocation of Eagles is best when it’s diverse

The Nashville Police Department was right to fire a hateful cop

And more police departments should follow suit

Pokémon Go sucks if you live in the middle of nowhere

I have traveled across the land, searching far and wide

Emory is the 67th best college in America, says Forbes

Georgia Tech is 89th

Nashville is undoubtedly the capital of the South

It’s obvious

Disliking a woman is no excuse for misogyny

Hillary Clinton and Skyler White are prime examples of this

I called a pro-life clinic to ask what they do

And when i say ‘pro life’ i mean ‘anti abortion’

We need to start talking to women, not about them

Yes Donald Trump, I mean you

Why Robin Wright’s fight for pay equity sends a significant message

More powerful women should speak out about the pay gap for the sake of women who can’t

The struggles of being an adult tomboy

You wear short skirts. I wear t-shirts. Neither of us should give a shit

Sorry but feminism is still relevant

Saying you’re ‘so over feminism’ doesn’t make you a better woman

FREE Sublime Donuts and Dunkin’ Donuts Coffee outside of the Library tonight

The Emory College Council is giving us a delicious study break

If you don’t stop smoking by the library entrance, I’m going to flip

Everyone has bad habits – but mine aren’t harmful to the people around me

Emory is the 58th most sleep-deprived college in the US

We get 6.94 hours of shuteye on average during weekdays

The new anti-LGBT Bill is the shame of the South

I can’t believe I’m from a state that would deny LGBTQ people treatment.

Anti-Milo Yiannopoulos chalk has appeared on Emory campus

The controversial journalist is speaking at Emory tonight

Once homeless student to graduate Emory Law School

Melonie Wright defied the odds to get her Juris Doctorate

BREAKING: Emory enacts campus-wide chalk ban

The Trump has been stumped

BLESS UP: DJ Khaled was just confirmed for Dooley’s Week

This is a MAJOR KEY

Is DJ Khaled coming for Dooley’s Week?

The University have neither confirmed or denied

New ‘free speech’ chalkings have appeared on Emory campus

The chalk may fade, but this argument isn’t going to

How to cope when suffering with a mental illness at Emory

What to do when you’re always sick at school

Half priced pizza at Dominos all week long


No, Beta Theta Pi are not facing probation

Director of Fraternity and Sorority Life dispels the rumors

Anime Club is the best kind of nerdy

And no, there are no waifu pillows

Teachers, stop telling me I need to do better

You’re discouraging the hard workers by directing your criticisms to the entire class

Student and fellow arrested on charges of melting hole in Emory statue

The statue is said to be worth $50,000

Who are you voting for, Emory?

Is anyone actually voting for Trump…

Emory is ranked 15th in the world for best student-staff ratio

We’ve been tearing up the lists lately

Suck it, GTech: Emory is the best college in Georgia

First: Georgia. Next: the WORLD

Emory is the 20th frattiest college in the US

Dartmouth is 1st, obviously

The biggest and best Emory Secrets posts

The Rise and Fall of the Condom Wall

Anna Howard Shaw Day is obviously the new Valentine’s

Thank you Tina Fey

Should Yik Yak be banned at Emory?

Theres been problems in the past, but ultimately it would be a band-aid over a bullet hole

Free burritos for all because every Chipotle in the US is shut

You just have to text by 6pm today

It’s not easy being a Humanities major at Emory

Because it’s STEM or nothing

Things you’ll only understand if you grew up in Nashville

Native Nashvillians are a rare kind nowadays…

This is what the Internet thinks of Emory

More Yelp, less Yik Yak