Emily Alldrit
Corpus Christi, Theology Having spent the entire of first year "debating" in the college bar with friends, Emily thought that the rest of Cambridge ought to put up with her opinions too. In her spare time she lives in Starbucks, where they know her order by heart, and where she likes to pretend to do work on dead philosophers and theologians.

Deepening the Divide

Why studying the arts until 16 could spell disaster.

The Injustice Of Gaddafi’s Death

Finally the Libyans can taste a new world of liberality and equality, but I will not celebrate Gadaffi’s death.

Debate: Is Burlesque At Clare A Step Back For Women?

Burslesque is coming to Clare Ents. Is it a step back for women at Cambridge, or just a bit of fun?

Brian Blessed: Best of a Bad Bunch?

It doesn’t matter if Brian Blessed becomes Chancellor, whoever gets elected will have little sway in the day-to-day running of the University. And besides, we already have two Sainsbury’s in Cambridge.