Celina Brar
Editor, The Tab Bristol

Gluten-free makeup has taken healthy living trends too far

What even is gluten

The struggles of living with health-freak housemates

What even is a dairy-free, wheat-free, sugar-free cookie?

Superman actor Henry Cavill breaks up with Bristol fresher girlfriend

They’re still friends

Every thing you’ll get if you grew up in an Indian family

Big families, long movies and lots of weddings

Bristol student cleared of sexual assault

The jury only took an hour to decide

Growing up in Ascot, it’s more than just going to the races

Although a lot of people do have horses

A Bristol student is in court on sexual assault accusations

He allegedly assaulted a woman after she asked him to use a condom

We met the Bristol fresher who has her own line of sunglasses

She makes and designs them herself

Fresher proposes to girlfriend on stage at the Music Society ball

She said yes

Clubbers of the week: Good Life special

Caribbean Carnival theme

Despite what Paxo says, French isn’t a useless language

Sorry Jeremy, vous avez tort

Clubbers of the week: Varsity Score special

The most important student awards

Every stage of the tragic home county night out

The taxi is ridiculously expensive

Clubbers of the week: Verbier edition

There’s snow way you’re going to want to miss this

What going to school at SGA taught me about life

Boys, bitching and Taylor Swift

What’s the best subject-related insult?

You have such little class you could be a Marxist utopia

Every stage of your reunion with friends from home

The gossip is amazing

The Oscars of Bristol

As prestigious as the actual Oscars but with more diversity

Colouring books are making a comeback and it’s amazing

Can we bring back nap time too?

What’s the best food to have on a date?

You are what you eat

Exclusive: Promoters are bringing a ‘Safer Sex Ball-style event’ to Verbier

It’ll be bloody freezing

We’re looking for Bristol’s maddest fresher

Nominations are open

Legendary second year gets stuck in a pair of handcuffs on a night out

It took 40 minutes, three firemen, two paramedics and an electric saw to get him out

Vote: What’s the worst club in Bristol?

Let’s decide this once and for all and then never go there again

The Pret on Park Street has stopped doing student discount

Prêt à pleurer

How much does it cost to fit in at Bristol?

A lot

Stormzy, Dizzee Rascal and Hot Chip to play Love Saves The Day

Shut up

Going to an all-girls’ school doesn’t mean you’re rubbish at talking to boys

Our social skills are fine thank you

Best dressed at the Guiness World Record charity fundraiser

These are the freshest, flickiest, finest festive jumpers around

What’s the best subject related chat up line?

Paint me like one of your French girls

Why joining the Tab Bristol is the best thing you’ll do at uni

Legendary status awaits you

What is the best all-girls school in the country?

‘Millie can I borrow a tampon?’

Railway worker accused of sexual assault at Temple Meads station

He is alleged to have sexually assaulted and beaten another man

20-year-old dies after falling down stairs in SWX

It has been described as a ‘tragic accident’

‘We’re sorry Helene’: First year economists give their thoughts on Yik Yak walk out

Helene Turon walked out of a lecture after reading offensive comments about her

What’s the best halls in Bristol?

Obv not Durdham

Dropping out of Oxford to go to Bristol is the best decision I ever made

She loves going to the Watershed

I tried Cosmo’s steps to finding a boyfriend

It was supposed to boost my sex appeal

Scam email pretending to award a grant to students circulates Bristol uni

It was all just lies

We asked what you think about Milo Yiannopoulos coming to Bristol

Hardly anyone felt he should be banned from speaking on campus

There’s a Victoria’s Secret store opening in Cabot Circus next year

This is not a drill

Bristol second years trekked 100km in Peru for charity this summer

Student teams have raised over £160,000 for Action Against Hunger this summer

Meet the Bristol University Challenge team

None of them own bucket hats

Medics are marching in Bristol in protest of government proposals

The march is on this Saturday

A film about rape on campus is being shown at UK universities

It aims to educate students on sexual assault

Bristol soars into the top 10 unis in the UK

Let’s all laugh at Durham

Freshers, everyone dresses like this at uni

In with the old, out with the new

How to survive clearing 2015

‘Only those who dare to fail greatly can ever achieve greatly’

The worst places around campus to run into bae

Bae-sically anywhere

Inside the wardrobe of the fresher Grazia, Elle and ASOS are lusting after

She has more Instagram followers than you

How to adjust to uni after the girls’ boarding school bubble

No more ‘bend tests’ and Grey Goose birthdays

Today is National Kissing Day and all of these people are celebrating

Fancy a snog?

The truth about scandal at elite boarding schools

A sports star’s son at Charterhouse had to cut the grass with scissors

Tributes for 20-year-old who died in Ibiza from sleeping pills and booze

The holiday worker passed away on Friday

The clichéd answers to what you find most striking in other people

It’s always the shoes

Backpacker jailed for topless pic says sorry for ‘foolish’ strip

The Southampton grad admits that her behavior was ‘foolish’

This is what your selfie actually means

It is a truth universally acknowledged that a single woman in possession of a smartphone takes selfies

This is what people really think about Gold Rush

‘I pretend it doesn’t exist so I don’t get FOMO’

I hate to break it to you but posting in the Freshers Facebook group is really lame

Don’t do it kids

You can tell what someone studies from what they’re wearing

It’s a kind of superpower

These Bristol freshers are famous fashion bloggers

They’ve got more followers than you’ll ever have

There’s no room in the library so we spent the afternoon reading in sofa shops

They all kicked us out eventually

I spent Valentine’s watching 50 Shades of Grey with my parents

My V-Day was more awkward than yours

Stoke Bishop’s best dressed

They’re even wavier than you were in first year