Letitia Asare
life motto: treat others by your morals, not theirs.

BC mourns the loss of Ron Brace, a Patriot and former Eagle

Boston College defensive lineman died at age 29

Boston College students are among the most sleep deprived in the country

Clearly a strong correlation to Late Nite hours of operation

Mayor Walsh permanently declares April 15 as ‘One Boston Day’

Boston Strong forever

Forum held at BC law on Boston Marathon bombing trial

U.S. District Judge George O’Toole Jr. agrees with the proceedings of the trial

Boston College area in high-risk zone for lead exposure

Flint isn’t the only area to worry about

Boston College could soon go directly to our parents for our student loans

Who says just because you’re in college mom and dad still can’t pay?

Boston College is ranked by Forbes as top places to work in 2016

There is no place like home

Of course, BC increases tuition cost for next year

Welcome, Class of 2020

Producers say Jack Dunn dialogue was fiction in Spotlight

It was all for dramatic effect

Brad Bates apologizes for winless football and basketball season

Even SportsCenter talked about it

Doug Flutie joins the Dancing With the Stars cast

He can now add dancer to his resume

Boston College under investigation for possible Title IX violations

This is BC’s first filed Title IX investigation

Part 3: Eagles siblings talk about going to BC with their siblings

‘Jane keeps me young. I can eat at Mac and pretend that I am 18 again.’

I survived a spin class at the Plex and now I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy

It was only halfway through the class and I lost feeling in my legs

Part 2: Eagles talk about going to BC with their siblings

‘She showed me Kirkwood and I was in awe’

Eagles tell us what it’s like to go to BC with their sibling

‘I visited him when he was a sophomore in Walsh and knew this is where I wanted to go to school’

A farewell interview with Justin Simmons, the Eagles MVP

‘Some people probably wouldn’t agree, but I consider my experience here to be life-changing’

Everything that happened at today’s AHANA demonstration in Gasson

‘All of us coming together to meet and discuss symbolizes the growth happening’

I went to a USC game day and it was absolutely insane

But remember when we beat USC?

Sophomore running back Jon Hillman sidelined despite heroism

‘The surplus of injuries definitely impacted our performance this season’

Junior wide receiver Drew Barksdale is back in action

Despite a minor setback last season, Drew has come back better and stronger

Eagles safety Justin Simmons talks about his bride-to-be

‘She is my better half’

Eagles’ John Johnson has been soaring since freshman year

He received his first collegiate interception against the eagles win over Northern Illinois in September

Eagles cornerback Gabe McClary: ‘I am digging the black backpack’

In a word, he’d say Coach Addanzio is ‘animated’

Justin Simmons: Star safety, NFL hopeful and husband-to-be

He’s led the Eagles with 76 tackles

First Down with Richard Wilson

Eagles on the warpath