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James Kelly’s Marathon Blog

Boundary(less) Fun

James Kelly’s Marathon Blog

Know thine enemy

James Kelly’s Marathon Blog

This week James shares his Top Six sources for inspiration

James Kelly’s Marathon Blog

What I think about when I’m running

James Kelly’s Marathon Blog

At night I dream of vests and trainers …

James Kelly’s Marathon Blog

Once upon a time, not long ago, a Viking conquered the world..

James Kelly’s Marathon Blog

Lent Term’s first installment of JAMES KELLY’s marathon blog

Training in the Reign of King Laziness

JAMES KELLY’s marathon blog: “Guilt and shame might be your most successful driving force”

It’s Snowing! Grab the Boots, the Gas Mask and the Wife

JAMES KELLY’s marathon blog: “Maybe I should channel the spirit of Emil. Ladies, jump on board, there’s plenty of room!”

I’m a Virgo, and I Run in the Rain

JAMES KELLEY’s marathon blog: “A typical week in the peak of marathon preparation totals to 150 miles”

Anyone can Run 20 Miles. It’s the Next Six that Count.

JAMES KELLY’s marathon blog: “if every stride averages one metre, and the race is 42.195km long, he or she will have to take 42,195 steps”

A Good Idea At The Time?

JAMES KELLY’s marathon blog: “as each passing mile accumulates, the distance to the finish doesn’t seem to decrease at all”