Rutgers fires womens’ swim coach after abuse allegations

The allegations include mental and physical abuse

Calling all foodies: seasonal fall special bowls now exist at Rutgers’ “Playa Bowls”

Where two seasons collide on your taste buds

We love you Rutgers, but please can you fix the buses?

C’mon, it’s not a big ask

This student-run Instagram page is single-handedly saving Brower

RU sure Brower sucks? Think again

Rutgers alum killed in NYC attack yesterday

Darren Drake was one of eight named victims of the Manhattan attack

Here is a compilation of the best Halloween costumes this year

We got creative minds out here

Swastika graffitied on the side of Stonier

Literally wtf Rutgers

Victim hospitalized for gunshot wound after altercation near Easton Ave

He sustained non-life threatening injuries

Rutgers ranked one of the top 100 colleges in the WHOLE WORLD by US News and World Report


Student assaulted by large group of males near College Ave

Eight to nine males physically assaulted the student

I ran the RU Muddy with zero training

Idk my friends said it would be ‘fun’…

A YAL speaker tried to expose the Daily Targum for being anti-conservative

And got hit with a court summons mid-speech

All the different types of gym goers you’ll encounter at Rutgers gyms

Does running late count as a workout

How to get a Study Abroad scholarship to live your best life in a foreign country

Ballin’ on a budget

Sexual assault reported at Mettler Hall

It took place on the afternoon of Friday the 13th

Joe Biden came to Rutgers and absolutely killed it

He FaceTimed someone’s mom to tell them he was proud of them

There’s a haunted walking tour of Douglass tonight

It’s Friday the 13th…