Rutgers student killed in car crash just days before receiving diploma

‘They called him the next Mayor of Newark, perhaps, one day’

There was a literal bear on Livi last night, because apparently finals aren’t stressful enough

Betsy Devos was right you guys

UndocuRutgers President no longer at threat of deportation, still under risk of detainment

‘I’m in a completely different place than I was 24 hours ago’

Meet Michael Anderson, the RU senior who self-published his own book of poetry

‘Poetry is my journalism’

Don’t panic, but Rutgers is getting rid of chicken nuggets in campus dining halls

It’s part of a healthy revamp

RU student hit by RUPD car while crossing the street

The victim has not been identified yet

RU grad students win international competition, beating out 600 other teams

It was one of the biggest financial competitions in the world

Student slams Rutgers frat bros for Instagram captions mocking Hispanics

‘Rutgers, Are these the boys you want being representatives of your oh so ‘diverse’ fraternities???’

New Brunswick man gets 40 year sentence for the murder of former Rutgers Student

Billy McCaw was murdered in 2014

Rutgers is the second most sexually active campus in America

RU screwin’ our way to the top

PSA for anyone still on campus: Rutgers is shutting down tomorrow because of a blizzard

Of course it happens on spring break

Former Rutgers football player Eric Legrand is receiving the ‘Ultimate Warrior’ award at this year’s Wrestlemania

He was paralyzed playing for the Scarlet Knights in 2010

Rutgers student’s new app earns him invite to huge tech conference

Some of the notable attendees include Google, Facebook and Amazon

Rutgers junior’s Dance Marathon video goes viral and raises over $1000

It got over 24,000 upvotes on Reddit

There’s a new legal study drug that doesn’t need a prescription

We spoke to an RU student that takes it

These Rutgers students have developed an eco-friendly transport solution for refugees around the world

They’re competing for a million dollar prize

A man was killed after an attempted robbery on Hamilton street early this morning

He was assaulted with ‘a sharp object’

Obama’s commencement speech cost Rutgers the equivalent of 104 years of tuition

But was it worth it?