I’m Single and I Still Love Valentine’s Day

Treat yourself to something special, see a movie, get drunk!

Valentine’s Day is easily one of the most hated Hallmark holidays, being that it is overly commercialized and traditionally reserved for couples exchanging grand romantic gestures. You know just what I’m referencing — the people who post photos on Instagram of their bourgeois dinner dates and unnecessarily large teddy bears. This is certainly a bit off-putting when living a single life, but I believe there is still reason to celebrate! Despite the more kitschy and materialistic aspects of the holiday, it’s not all that bad if one approaches it with the right attitude.

Don’t have a date? Take yourself out instead.

For those of you that are single, or just not particularly festive, take advantage of this Valentine’s Day and dedicate it entirely to yourself. Set aside some time to relax and don’t be discouraged by the misconception that you must have a significant other to enjoy the holiday. There is nothing wrong with celebrating yourself in the same way that a boyfriend/girlfriend would — treat yourself to dinner, see a movie, get drunk! Do whatever it is that would make you happy as you deserve to love yourself on this day (and every other day) of the year.

Feeling bitter? Change your perspective. 

Don’t succumb to the anti-Valentine’s Day trend as there is no benefit in dedicating a whole day to cynicism. You’ll only be hurting yourself, so why not just have a little fun? You’re not the only one who is feeling lonely or unamused. Many singles feel similarly about the holiday, so don’t hate, appreciate! Use Valentine’s Day as an excuse to spread some positivity and perform little acts of kindness. Bring munchkins to work for your colleagues, pay for the coffee of the person behind you or shoot your friends a quick text reminding them of how much you love them! Radiate good vibes instead of spending the day pitying yourself and criticizing those around you. There’s nothing wrong with showing a lil love and allowing others to enjoy themselves, too.

Just appreciate the day! 

Even for those that are unromantic, the idea of Valentine’s Day is quite charming. It is a holiday dedicated entirely to love, whether that love be for a significant other, family member, friend or yourself. Rather than focus on superficial traditions or gaudy gifts, acknowledge the fact that people everywhere are appreciating their loved ones a little bit more on this one day of the year. If you’re not a particularly expressive or sentimental person, there is still some comfort in acknowledging the love and gratitude that circulates on Valentine’s Day.

If you’re single, there are still countless reasons to celebrate. Don’t be too disheartened or contemptuous, try your best to appreciate yourself and those around you today. I wish you all a lovely Valentine’s Day, and hope it is filled with self-love and positivity!


Rutgers University