Farewell 70 degree weather

It was nice while it lasted

It's amazing to observe the minute differences in campus dynamic, amongst every face passing by, all because of a change in weather.

After being the venue of rain and wind for consecutive days, Rutgers students got a sneak peek into the upcoming shift in seasons: A blast of 70-degree sunshine without a single cloud in sight.

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The lulling routine of waking up, throwing on extra layers and walking through puddles just to get class was comparably rhythmic to the metronome of cold rain droplets striking my window almost every other day. However, having the choice of wearing jeans or shorts was a positive break to the monotony.

After coming back from class, I immediately remembered I was on a college campus: Frat brothers throwing their frat frisbee blasting their frat music on their frat stoop with their pastel, frat shorts, a group of dagers walking back from Easton Avenue with muddy shoes, ripped jeans, and water bottles full of anything but water, a violinist playing Mozart's Fifth Symphony for all to hear, and the return of the Voorhees tightrope.

Everyone was out-and-about, going about their business, but one thing united them all — they all looked different, but it was a happy-kind-of different, the kind of different that stood out from the resting, tired faces tuned into nothing else but their Spotify playlists on the bus. It was as if a day of sunshine and warmth were the prescribed antidotes to defeated motivation and seasonal depression. It was inviting. It was everything you would expect to see walking down the streets of a college campus. It was necessary.

While a 30-degree shift in temperature may be a tad concerning for Winter, it sure was inspiring to actually want to go outside, almost as if I was wasting the day if I didn't take advantage of it, which I made sure not to do. I took to the soccer fields on Busch and walked back home alongside of the cars passing me by on Route 18, saving my responsibilities for another day as I latched onto the taster-spoon serving of a change soon-to-come.

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Skip class to play soccer? Just do it. *Not a Nike endorsement*

Unfortunately, New Brunswick immediately went back to hosting the seemingly endless supply of rainy days and heavy winds, but last Wednesday was a reminder that there is, in fact, a metaphorical and literal light at the end. Every day being one day closer to reviving campus. Until then, my winter coat is still in commission.

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