We collaborated with tailgate apparel legend Snipped By Steph

You’ve seen her creations all over Instagram

With the nice weather coming out to play, out comes the bare legs, the crop tops, and the short skirts. With summer weather quickly approaching, it is reminiscent of everyone's favorite time of the year, football season.

We interviewed Snipped By Steph creator Stephanie Dresher about her popular clothing line.

Let’s talk about your clothing line, Snipped by Steph. How would you describe your clothing line to those who are interested in it?

It's a college tailgate apparel line for any sports games like football and NFL. I even do basketball apparel.

How did you get it started?

I was a freshman in college and was cutting up my own shirts, making my own clothes, and my friends were like "you HAVE to make an instagram account." It literally just blew up from there.

Speaking of blowing up, how did you get so popular?

It definitely started at Rutgers, so mainly my friends were ordering clothes from me. From there it just blew up and friends of friends started to buy and from there more people just started seeing my clothes and started buying. In my hometown, Marlboro, it's a big thing to buy college apparel when you commit to your school, so the year younger than me started ordering a lot from me and their friends found out. Honestly, after the first year it kept going from there.

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How many schools have ordered from you and how much time do you devote to your clothing line every week?

With schools, I'd say I've definitely done at least 50+. I've gotten orders from high schools, NFL, and college teams so honestly I do any school if someone asks. Time-wise, I try to work everyday. Even if I try to only spend one hour on my line, it usually turns into 5+ hours. It takes up most of my time.

I can tell it's something your passionate about this. Can you talk about how you got into it and why you're passionate?

I started taking fashion classes in my hometown when I was 8 years old and I learned how to use a sewing machine, so I think it just stuck with me. I got back into it during freshman year and I'm obsessed with shopping and fashion Instagram accounts, so that's where my passions came from. My closet is literally bursting and I go shopping all the time, so it worked out really well.

Do you have any tips for someone starting their own clothing line?

Definitely have a lot of practice and patience because it won't come right off the back. Also, definitely pick up your own style because then people will catch on and want to follow you. At first, I didn't have my own style and just tried to see how people reacted. Also, love it. If you don't love what you're doing, your passion won't last.

Do you wear your own clothing creations? What is your favorite item in your clothing line?

Yes! I'd say the tie side tube tops and the tie back tube tops for sure. But for class, definitely the crewnecks because they're so easy to throw on.

Do you love football season?

My dad has always liked football, so I used to always watch it with him. Even then, I love football season with the tailgates and school spirit. It's so crazy and such a great feeling.

Let’s talk more about you. What year are you currently?

I'm a sophomore.

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What is your major and minor?

My major is Communications and my minor is DCIM!

Are you single? If you are, are you looking for someone?

Yes, I am. And just vibing for now.

On a perfect Saturday, where could someone find you?

Literally sewing. That is what I do on my Saturdays, since it's my free day. Usually, I'll sew for the first half of the day (especially with commitment season coming up), then just chill and hang out with friends.

How is everything going with the business with commitment day coming up?

It's seriously so crazy. There's a lot to do with commitment day orders coming in, and it'll be trunk show season soon where I set up a shop and people come and check things out in person. It's pretty cool.

How do you handle your own business and school, considering your handmade pieces take time to make?

It's a little easier considering my minor classes are hybrid classes. I really had to test it and figure out what worked and how to plan. It was difficult figuring everything out but now I have a better idea of what will work for me. It's definitely hard though, like I don't sleep but it's worth it.

Do you have a specific group of people you market to? On your Instagram, I've noticed there are a lot of photos of sorority girls and would like to know if you market specifically towards them or if they are the main buyers of your clothes.

Honestly, I get it. My customers are from everywhere, but it helps that sorority girls take photos and send me these photos. With commitment day coming up, more people send me photos who aren't involved in greek life. I try to keep it general, but the connections I've made so far are more closely based with these organizations, and these customers send me their photos the most. But honestly, so many people from different backgrounds order from me.

Last question, what are you going to be doing after college?

I really wanted to do marketing after I graduated, but since the brand has taken off, I want to work on everything and eventually go to all the different schools and do trunk shows and venture into bigger plans. In the summer, I want to try to work full time and see how it works out devoting most of my time to that.

Anything else you want to add?

The support system and success I've gotten is all thanks to my parents, my sister, and friends. I couldn't have done it without them!

Look below for more photos of our collaboration with Snipped By Steph:

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