Norovirus runs rampant at Indiana University fraternity house

Almost all Alpha Epsilon Pi house members experienced symptoms

Delta Phi Epsilon is moving into Delta Delta Delta’s old house

New year, new mansion

Indiana University suspends all fraternity social events

IFC self imposed the ban

‘IU must stop immortalizing Jordan’: Notes found in Ballantine Hall call to rename the biology building

#RenameJordan #DecolonizeIU

IU gave Sigma Nu the boot for hazing and alcohol violations

So…who gets their house?

Bloomington holds vigil for Las Vegas shooting

‘Tonight we begin to heal together’

Szechuan Sauce is coming to Bloomington tomorrow for one day only

McDonald’s is about to get riggity riggity wrecked, son!

Crowd yells ‘get raped’ to students participating in Take Back the Night

Students marched from Dunn Meadow to Monroe County Courthouse to raise awareness of sexual assault

It’s On Us posters replaced with signs making fun of sexual assault

‘Sexual assault occurs when attention whores (e.g: you) need extra sympathy and decide to cry raep’

Kilroy’s Recess deletes tweet after sexism allegations

‘@mcuban come check out your old place! Spoiler: We got rid of the wet t-shirt contests, but kept the underage girls #Motleys #Recess’

IU Bloomington named the prettiest college in the state of Indiana

Take that, Notre Dame!

Indiana University ranked in top 10 colleges with the most school spirit


‘Let’s become great again:’ White supremacist posters found around IU’s Bloomington campus

Vice President Robel called them cowards

A gunman is being investigated at IU

Two alerts have been issued

Activist organizations rally for ‘love, not hate’ at Sample Gates

IU students, student activist organizations and Bloomington residents made their voices, fears, and opinions heard

IU president calls for ‘reports of harassment and intimidation’ to end on campus

At IU, students are taught to help create a ‘Culture of Care’

What happened at Saturday’s anti-Trump rally in Indianapolis

Both sides are angry and both sides are being misunderstood

‘Kill Trump’ and other messages chalked on IU sidewalks

Hoosiers have quite a lot to say about the election — they’re just not all saying the same thing