Columbia’s mental health services failed me, and then they sent me home

I had to take two semesters of medical leave

This high school senior made a hilarious video about being waitlisted for Columbia – and then got in

Apparently all it takes is being a champion disc golfer

Columbia Baseball has made the playoffs, so finally here’s a sports event we can get into

We get it Columbia, sports aren’t your thing

Martin Shkreli is no longer coming to Mel’s tonight

He confirmed it in buy sell memes so it’s definitely going to happen

No Red Tape holds rally in support of Title IX at Columbia

‘Columbia is not doing enough to protect survivors’

Title IX protest planned outside Low Steps a week after student sues Columbia for mishandling her rape case

‘No Red Tape is holding a rally in support of Title IX and survivors of gender-based violence’ is coming to Columbia to speak about startups

Who else remembers ‘I Got It From My Mama’

Two years on, ‘Mattress Girl’ is still a divisive issue for Columbia students

One in five students claim it has changed the way they date

Columbia just pulled a Steve Harvey and accidentally sent 277 acceptance letters to the wrong applicants

They really screwed up this time

Two thirds of Columbia students think Psychological Services are insufficient

This comes as Columbia is re-evaluating CPS

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We want to hear your experiences

Hammered Columbia student rescued after being stuck in air shaft for eight hours

Others have already compared him to John McClane in Die Hard

Anti-Trump signs have been plastered up around Columbia

‘We won’t build your wall’

Columbia protests against Trump’s ‘racist assault against Muslims’

‘Say it loud, say it clear, refugees are welcome here’

Trump’s ban is against ‘founding ideals’ says President Bollinger in passionate letter to student body

There will be a rally tomorrow at 5pm

Columbia freshman Daniel Andreotti passes away

‘Daniel’s death was not intentional, nor was it the result of a public health concern’

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Memorial to be held for Columbia senior who passed away this morning

Mounia Abousaid was a senior in Columbia College