Eugene Aiken

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Post-racial college campuses are just as fictional as this show

Who are we kidding, Donald Trump doesn’t care about Black History Month

File this under ‘things that surprise literally no one’

Calling Morningside Heights ‘SoHa’ is the most ridiculous kind of gentrification

The area south of 125th Street is not ‘SoHa’ – it’s Morningside Heights

Columbia’s ties to slavery revealed in new project

Students used to keep slaves at the college

Today is the last day we can say ‘My President is Black’

Farewell Obama

Tomi Lahren, Black Lives Matter doesn’t owe you anything

Not a damn thing

Barack Obama says fight goes on for young black men

‘This is just the beginning’

Write for The Tab’s Voices of Color: A new reporting series examining race in America

By young writers of color

It has never been a more important election for People of Color to vote

Don’t let apathy win

I tried to convince a Trump supporter to change his mind

He announced his support for Trump, so I asked him what his deal is

Columbia’s Sarah Zarba: ‘I have a felony conviction but I’m not a violent person’

Banning the box at Columbia University

I was incarcerated and now I’m at Columbia

Meet Leyla Martinez, Columbia student and Ban The Box campaigner

Shaun King at Columbia: ‘Racism on campus is getting worse’

We met the activist after his speech in New York

Columbia’s Peter Kiernan is campaigning to get Trump to release his tax returns

He was on Rachel Maddow’s show this week

I got into an argument with a cop over Black Lives Matter and he lost his job because of it

Shaun King picked up on it

Tiarah Poyau’s tragic death shows how far down the social ladder Black women are

She was tragically killed at J’Ouvert Festival last week

Colin Kaepernick can sit during the national anthem and still be a patriot

Black athletes are only lauded if they play well and act humble

Nayla Kidd wasn’t courageous, she ran away from her responsibilities

Police were searching for two weeks

Columbia’s reputation is pretty dope, say other smart people

We’re number nine in the world

100 students held a sleep-out in solidarity with the divestment occupation last night

So we interviewed them

Columbia is the most sleep deprived school in the country

Seriously, can we all just take a nap right now?

Partying with Hillary Clinton fans after her huge win in New York

She secured over 57 percent of the vote

Bernie Sanders drew a larger crowd in New York than Obama last night

The atmosphere was electric

CBS professor files sexual harassment suit against the university

She claims a superior made sexual advances toward her

Speakers for CC and SEAS Class Days announced

Executive Editor of The New York Times Dean Baquet and COO of Buzzfeed Jon Steinberg

Applications to Columbia have massively declined in the past year

Nearly 3,000 less people applied for the 2015/2016 year

There’ll be a screening of ‘He Named Me Malala’ at Columbia next month

It’s in Lerner Hall

Bernie Sanders says Columbia grad deserves ‘bailout’ from her $200k student loan

She yelled out her massive debt at one of his rallies

Why we need Black History Month at Columbia

We are after all the university of Barack Obama, Eric Holder, Langston Hughes and Neil de Grasse Tyson

Blackout at Columbia

‘We’re at a moment, another peak in time, when black people are fed up with what’s going on in this country and this world’

What was your AIM screen name?

‘Oh look ‘XoxoSexycutie420oxoX’ is on’

Hillary Clinton thinks we should work through college

Do you think a part time job can pay for tuition?