ASU basketball fan rubs mayonnaise on his nipples to distract opposing team at Saturday’s game

It didn’t work

Body under Sedona bridge identified as ASU student

He was found by hikers on Tuesday morning

American ASU alum called ‘international student’ in an article because she was wearing a hijab

‘I am highly offended by Arizona State University’s recklessness and lack of protocol in choosing media for publication’

Sexist preacher on Tempe campus said ‘screwing fraternity boys and sorority girls ruins marriage’

A male ASU student dressed in a skirt and pantyhose did the splits in response

Why has ASU updated the Sun Devil stadium Wi-Fi, but not the one on campus?

‘ASU needs to remember that they are an academic institution first and not just simply a sports center’

BREAKING: Police are searching for Peeping Tom who watched woman over bathroom stall on ASU campus

He stood on a toilet and left when she noticed him

How ASU are you?

Tick off these Sun Devil events to find out if you’re a true ASU student

Meet the ASU sophomores who saved this adorable Siamese kitten from the streets of Tempe


Arizona State backs out of plan to bring Coyotes to Tempe

They did not say why the deal was canceled

The Crêpe Club are giving away FREE Nutella and Parisian crêpes today


ASU students rally against Trump’s immigration policies

They marched on Mill

Write for The Tab Arizona State

We’re not your average school newspaper

ASU student arrested for animal abuse

He was allegedly hitting a caged puppy with a metal rod

ASU is one of the top schools for Sugar Babies in America

The number of students seeking Sugar Daddies has hit a ten year high

Uber self-driving cars now being tested in Tempe

‘AZ is paving the way for new technology and businesses’

ASU wins funding from NASA for two new space missions

Houston, we have a problem