Side Dish Battle: ASU students vote on the best Thanksgiving food

Learn which holiday foods are ASU fan favorites and play our quiz to find out which food you’re most like!

On the eve of Thanksgiving, The Tab went to the ASU Downtown campus looking for answers; What do the Sun Devils consider the best Thanksgiving food?

All of the side dishes are favorites amongst students but stuffing received the most votes. Except cranberry sauce…why does nobody like cranberry sauce? That hurts me.

Being a very culturally diverse state, several students explained that they don't celebrate the holiday in the same way others do. Students chose tamales, tortilla soup, and corn as some of their favorite Thanksgiving foods. It was a cool reminder that traditions are different for everyone. We even met two exchange students from Shanghai, who will be celebrating their first Thanksgiving this year. Pretty cool!

Check out the poll results, and take the quiz to find out which Thanksgiving food you're most like!

Happy Thanksgiving!

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