ASU student Belén Sisa arrested in Washington DC for ‘standing up to the Trump administration’

‘I am willing to put my livelihood and ability to stay in this country at risk’

The Arizona State student who went viral on Facebook last year for revealing she was an undocumented tax payer has been arrested in Washington D.C.

Belén Sisa, 23, had flown to D.C. to attend Operation Dream Act Now a protest held by DREAMers, Immigrant youth, and allies. DREAMers and their allies were to lead school walkouts and march with thousands of other people to Capitol Hill to demand that Congress pass a Clean Dream Act by December.

Today, November 9, marks two months since President Trump took away the DACA program affecting many immigrant students and their families.

Belen was arrested at this protest while chanting and this morning shared on Facebook about what happened.

The post reads in full:

Dear Friends and Movement Family,

If you are reading this, I have been arrested and am in jail for standing up to Congress and the Trump administration in Washington, D.C. demanding that they pass a Clean #DreamActNow before the end of this year.

I participated in this action because my heart led me to commit myself to put everything on the line for something much bigger than myself. Two months ago the Trump administration took away DACA, something we knew would happen, but it opened many old wounds. I could not help but think back to every struggle my family endured for us and for me to be who I am. We cannot and will not go back. As immigrant youth we know the power we hold and we will no longer settle for anything less than permanent protection, respect and dignity, for ourselves, our parents and our communities.

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I am willing to put my livelihood and ability to stay in this country at risk, because as a person with DACA it was crucial for me to speak out for justice for all undocumented people. Because I am tired of being used as your political pawn for a white supremacist agenda, and I demand to be seen for my humanity not just what I have to offer you.

I did this for every undocumented person who feels voiceless, for every family that is scared for their children who had DACA, for those who’s future is in the midst of uncertainty counting down to March 5th when work permits will begin to expire and need action. I am doing this because we need change in our immigration system and we will no longer be ignored. We are not victims, we are warriors.

Now more than ever I need you to be in this fight with me. Call your Senators, call your Representatives, and demand a Clean #DreamActNow! Do it for the thousands of undocumented youth who don’t know what is going to happen to them in the next few months.

Send me your love and your rage.




Arizona State University