What’s the weirdest thing you’re afraid of?

We got some strange answers

Turns out there are more scary things than deadlines.


IMG_1222 “Slugs. I can’t even give you a reason why, I’m just really scared of them.”

Kiran, Max & George 

IMG_1231Kiran: “I don’t know. Clowns.”
Max: “Little girls. You know what I mean? Like, dead little girls. The ones in films.”
George: “Doors that won’t open – Actually, cutting my toenails. What if you cut open your toe?”


IMG_1168 “Lobsters. I used to have irrational nightmares about them after watching The Amanda Show as a kid.”


IMG_1238 “Feet. I can’t stand feet.”


IMG_1240 “Cockroaches. Little shits.”

James & Josh

IMG_1248 Josh: “Being kissed by boys probably.”

University of Central Lancashire