I ate nothing but fast food for one week

I very nearly got sick of chips

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Preston was revealed to have the unhealthiest high street in Britain in 2015, so what better place to hold this experiment? 

As a self-confessed takeaway and fast food addict, I thought I would see what our grease filled city really has to offer by only eating out in Preston for one whole week. After all, there’s obviously plenty of choice.

At the beginning of the week, I really had the Monday blues – so there was no better way of cheering myself up than getting some good scran. I decided have a pre-lecture lunch at The Adelphi pub. A £5 steak and cheese baguette and a pint of Coca Cola left me feeling very content. My first thought was that this eating out challenge was going to be an absolute doss.

12167638_419839624867930_1885279469_nAfter a long day at uni, I was relieved I didn’t have to go home and cook. Instead, I took a 10 minute walk to McDonalds. As a Maccies lover, I was very excited for my Quarter Pounder meal, costing me £4.09. It didn’t disappoint.

Being a notorious breakfast skipper and after a packed Tuesday morning of seminars, by lunch I was absolutely starving. I decided to eat at Coco’s Soul Food, which is a big hit with Preston students.

After defeating the mammoth queue that backed up to the door I ordered a £5 Cajun chicken burger and chips. I was in food heaven with all the different flavours and toppings and I was certainly enjoying my week of eating out.

If you’re on a budget for dining out, there’s no better place to go than The Guild pub. For £4.50, I got myself a cheeseburger and chips. As much as I enjoyed my food, I was getting a bit sick of the amount of chips I was eating. I think this was the first time in my life that I’ve ever craved veg.

By Wednesday lunch time I had forgotten about my new chips intolerance and went to Lune Street Fish and Chips for chips and curry. The bargain £1 portion is usually a firm favourite as a midweek uni treat for me.

However, after eating out for 3 days on the run, it was more of a chore to scoff the greasy grub than a treat.

We eat our chips with gravy up North

We eat our chips with gravy up North

My favourite takeaway food ever has to be donner meat. As I was slowly hitting a brick wall with eating out, I headed to Manzil Palace for my favourite takeaway delicacy: a £4.50 a donner kebab, without the chips. For the first time I ever, I ate the tomato and lettuce toppings before I tucked into the meat and it was a great feeling. My love for takeaway food had been restored.


On Thursday morning I woke up with a weird, greasy taste in my mouth. I felt dirty and after brushing my teeth a few times, it still lingered. My disgustingly greasy diet was definitely the cause. I desperately wanted a pack of strawberries to munch on, but I also really wanted to completed the takeaway week.

By lunch time, I was in a rush and the last thing I wanted to do was sit in a restaurant waiting for my food. Instead I headed back to McDonalds for a sweet chilli deli. I am usually excited for this £4.69 meal, but the whole time I was eating it, I craved something healthy. I prayed for the week to be over.

The week was nearing the end and I thought I should embrace it as I’d probably never do a food challenge like this again. Eating out a lot and on a student budget can be tough, so for tea, I opted for a cheap and cheerful Weatherspoons.

Gal v. Food

Gal v. Food

Predictably, I went straight to the burger menu and ordered myself a gourmet beef burger and chips, for £6.39. By the end of the meal I had a stomach ache and never wanted to eat unhealthily ever again.

A day earlier I may have never wanted to look at another burger, but this did wear off, for my last day of the food challenge. For lunch, I had a £4.09 Big Mac Meal. Big Macs are always a treat, but I struggled to stomach the 750 calorie meal. I wanted bananas, not burgers.


After not enjoying my lunch, I was hoping tea would be better. I headed to Source to enjoy my last supper of my eating out week. I ordered Source’s special cheese and ham pizza and chips, costing £6.50. The pizza was fresh and mouth-watering and most importantly, I was ecstatic I was no longer obligated to eat out.

I was £45 down, felt disgustingly ill and was was growing a food baby. After my week was over, I went straight for a salad and it was the most excited I had ever been about food.

Never, ever again.