You can literally get free hot drinks delivered to you anywhere in uni this week

It’s one of the many gifts brought to you as part of Mental Wellness Week

As part of Mental Wellness week, members of the Students’ Union executive team have been delivering free tea, coffee and hot chocolate with biscuits to students and staff around the university.

The idea was devised by SU President, Corey Briffa, and Campaigns Officers, Beth Agnew and Lucy Chapman.

Following the end of day two, the team have delivered over 350 hot drinks already.

In order to get your free drink and biscuit, all you need to do is text 07920024480 with your order and location between the hours of 9AM and 5PM.

The cups themselves have positive messages written on them as well as cards that advertise the university counselling system for students.

They want you to know that VP Welfare Tanisha Amin’s door is also always open to students who are struggling and require help.

There was also puppy therapy on Monday

“We are pleasantly surprised by the amount of people we have been able to interact with, we hope that we have been able to help as many as possible.

“We want people to know there is no such thing as a too big or too small of a problem to warrant the counselling services”, said Beth Agnew.

A country-wide NUS study reveals that 33 per cent of students have reported suicidal thoughts in the last year and an astounding 78 per cent of students have reported some sort of mental health issue as well.

One of the Charities Officers, Vikram Patel, stated: “The online counselling booking system is anonymous which is really good, but it needs to be publicised more like it is now and hopefully this will in turn persuade the university to increase the number of counsellors available as it is very booked up.”

Healthcare students need coffee to survive

“We ran out of a tub of hot chocolate at one point as well as cups. We’ve been going from nine to five with no lunch break and it’s all for free as we the volunteers are working for free too”, commented Beth Agnew.

Special thanks go to Beth, Lucy, Fran, Anya, Vikram and the Students’ Union executive team for their effort into the text-a-tea service.

The ‘text-a-tea’ service will only last till 5PM this week up until Friday 17th, so get your hot beverages while you can!

St George's University