Why Acca should be crowned the UK’s most tragic hometown club

Halifax represent

Where do you even start when talking about the Acapulco, in Halifax?

More commonly known as the Acca, the establishment is not only the most tragic, tackiest nightclub around, but also one of the best places people go every single weekend.

It may not look great from the outside, but this Halifax institution receives a whole lot of love from the locals. From hearing the historic stories from your parents and even your grandparents, you will know it’s the place to be every weekend.

You’ll question why the floor is carpeted, and you probably won’t leave without having a drink down you, yet you will without fail end up there every Thursday, Friday and Saturday night.

Plus where else can you go and get any drink for 75p? Yes, 75p.

You’ll spend your night trying to win free T-shirts and winning one is secretly the highlight of your night – you can even win free champagne (well, Cava). The DJ will play all the classics like ‘Cha Cha Slide’ and ‘Gimme Some’, which just about says it all.

Let’s not forget that it is open everyday for nearly three weeks over the Christmas holiday – three weeks of cheap drinks, unforgettable nights, fake snow, followed by an empty bank. But all the money in the world can’t replace the memories you make on a night out at the Acca. It’s truly part of the history of Halifax.

It’s the kind of place where if you lose the friends you went out with you can turn around and there will be someone stood behind you that you know. It’s full to the brim of people you haven’t seen for years at school and probably won’t see until you are both next in the Acca. A night out in the Halifax establishment can turn into a huge reunion very quickly, especially when everyone is home from university.

If you agree and love Acca just as much as the rest of Halifax, then vote for our beloved club here.