The Reading grad with an Ian Beale tattoo was on Tattoo Fixers this week

Remember her?

Amber May Ellis, who last year got an Ian Beale tattoo on her thigh, was on Tattoo Fixers this week.

The Reading grad wanted to make her £150 21st birthday present better, as it was never truly finished.

Amber went to Tattoo Fixers because she has “been labelled one of Britain’s biggest tossers” and wanted to get it finished.

Apparently, the tattoo has been a running joke between Amber and her friend. After loosing a bet, Amber was told to get the tattoo of her hero Ian Beale, and she did.

She said: “If you can go from absolutely rock bottom, then get all of your shit together and continue your three businesses and thrive even better than before, that’s the type of idol I want”.

The finished product included more colour, a frame and the phrase “keep it real, like Ian Beale”.

Amber was pleased with the finished product and was happy that people could actually tell who it is now.

She commented: “I don’t even know what to say because I didn’t even think it would be this good.”

The Ian Beale super-fan is not shy from the screen and has also been on E4’s Coach Trip and Judge Rinder.