The freshers are coming: The best of Queen Mary Facebook groups

They’re super friendly

first years freshers queen mary

Young, innocent and extra enthusiastic. They will add you, and they will like your status.

We were all freshers once, but were we ever this keen? Doe-eyed and idealistic, they’re out to make as many friends as possible.

Ahead of the new semester, here are the best posts from the Queen Mary fresher groups.

qm fresher 7

Probably a HUGE Potnoodle everyone could eat, haha!

Vodka? Beer? Rum? Bloody hell Etienne.

qm fresher3

Change the DJ.

Don’t be photobombing my pics Dan, I’m watching you.

qm fresher 5

Ooh that’s a toughy Jason, what halls r u in anyway?

qm fresher 6


qm fresher 8

All the cool kids are gonna be at Icebreaker.

qm fresher 9


See you guys in Drapers.