Inside the £1,700-per-month student apartments in Gunwharf Quays

Made in Portsmouth, darling

No 1 Gunwharf Quays – also known as the “Lipstick Building” – is a luxury home away from home to many Portsmouth students who can afford the £1,700 a month rent.

Prices start from £599,950 for a two-bedroom apartment in the building, including 24/7 concierge service and panoramic views of Portsmouth.

I met up with a third year student whose parents rent an apartment on the 24th floor for when they come over to visit their daughter. With full access to the apartment herself, it is safe to say it’s a pretty decent place to host predrinks.






My friend informed me the penthouse suite, which is the actual “lipstick”, if you will, occupies the entire 27th and 28th floor. It contains three bedrooms and is 4,600 sq ft of pure luxury, with four private terraces.

With a price tag of £2,500,000 the man who owns this suite, apparently only attends to his suite with business associates for work purposes for no more than 30 minutes once a month.


This clock though.


Apartments in the building are surprisingly rented out by more students than you would think, the majority being international students. The car park for No 1 Gunwharf Quays is decorated nicely with cars such as Mercedes Benz G series and BMW X series, which I am informed are mostly the international students cars which have not been driven since they first parked them over 4 months ago.


The third-year student’s parents also rent a one-bedroom flat in the building to an international student at £1,700 a month, who has apparently only attended her flat once or twice in the past six months it has been rented.



The student whose parents own this apartment currently lives in a nine-bedroom student house with her friends however, coming to her parents absolute baller pad is “nice, calming and peaceful,” I would also agree if I got my washing done for me and a concierge at my fingertips, a refreshing change I imagine from dirty plates and damp smelling student rooms.


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