5 amazing alternative uses for an ironing board

The Tab brings you five exciting uses for your everyday ironing board.

As a third year male, I can count the number of times that I have used an ironing board for its intended purpose on one hand. If that hand had only 3 fingers. And no thumb.

But since letting agents seem determined to remind us of our scraggly, under-maintained appearances by placing one of these utilities in all of our houses, we decided to find out alternative uses for the underappreciated ironing board.

Friend/Life Partner


For us singletons, university can be a lonesome experience. Not to worry, with your ironing board girlfriend/boyfriend, you never have to be lonely again. *Disclaimer* passing the evening with your ironing board girlfriend may be extremely depressing.

Weights Bench


Sometimes after I have lain in bed for fourteen straight hours watching Breaking Bad, I feel as though some light exercise will ward off muscle wastage and other inconvenient truths of being exceptionally lazy. Luckily for me, the ironing board doubles as a weights bench.



Sometimes at university you might actually have to do some work. *Sigh*. But what if your desk is buried under a mixture of clean and dirty washing that you are ‘totally going to sort out tomorrow?’ Ironing board is on hand.

Stair Surfing

PB280091 (2)

Something that many have tried and very few have succeeded in, stair surfing is challenging action sport. Warning: injuries vary from moderate to severe carpet burn. Letting agents do not consider stair surfing an ‘adequate excuse’ for ruined wallpaper, cracked windows and bloodstains.

Passionate Love Platform


Here’s a realistic scenario. What if you pull and need somewhere to consummate your ill-advised, alcohol induced passion? Maybe you got locked out of your room and all the available counter tops are covered with filthy plates. Not to worry, after five minutes of awkward fumbling, the trusty ironing board is on hand to save the day.

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