Boys who ask girls before kissing them aren’t ‘lame’, they’re winning

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Introducing The Tab Plymouth Power List

Making friends and influencing people

UPSU sacks VP Welfare for ‘insubordination’

She has already launched an appeal

Man arrested after exposing himself in uni library

He said he was just ‘researching the UN’

Plymouth undergrad adopts stray dog who saved her from being attacked

She travelled back to Greece and spent thousands to bring Pepper to England

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Plymouth Bomb Squad called out to detonate fir cone

The coastguard thought it was an ‘unexploded hand grenade’

Plymouth second year reaches second stage of auditions for The Voice

A star is born

Identical twins are studying identical courses after getting identical grades

They have identical part-time jobs too

Plymouth named tea-drinking capital of the UK

Bizarre survey also links tea and sex habits

The Chuckle Brothers are coming to Plymouth for Freshers Week

Has Plymouth Uni finally peaked?

Locals furious as Jam Jar granted 5am licence

The licence was granted despite complaints from residents

Plymouth Uni researchers in liquid nitrogen balls-up

They blew up a bin full of ping-pong balls for science