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We’re recruiting for Co-Editor in Chief, News Editor, Features Editor, and TikTok Editor

The London Tab is now recruiting for our editorial team for 2023/24!

Whether you’re looking to break exclusive news stories, write hilarious features, or create viral TikToks, there’s definitely a role that fits you within our available positions: Co-Editor in Chief, News Editor, Features Editor, and TikTok Editor.

The only pre-requisite to apply is that you’ll need to be a student at a London university until next summer. Any previous experience with journalism and/or social media is not needed but preferred. We can get you up and running as long as you show a keen interest in all things London!

The deadline for applications is 23:59 on Tuesday, 2nd May.

If you have any questions about applying for one of roles then please do not hesitate to get in touch with us via Instagram or Facebook.

Co-Editor in Chief

We’re looking for one enthusiastic and committed writer to join our team as a Co-Editor in Chief.

In this role, you’ll work with another Editor in Chief to oversee the entire team of writers and lead the direction of our coverage.

You should be prepared to write your own pieces throughout the year and help the team in breaking the biggest stories on campus. You’ll also be in charge of ensuring all articles and socials content is consistent with The London Tab’s standard of quality and tone.

You’ll also be the main link to The Tab’s national HQ and be supported by them in running the local team.

The role is incredibly rewarding and a great experience to have in leading a large team in a fast-paced and exciting environment. To fit this role, you should be friendly and supportive to new and existing writers, thorough in editing articles, and have a keen eye for stories that will make an impact and hit a chord with students across London.

News Editor

There’s also an opening for a News Editor in the team, who’ll be responsible for making sure The London Tab continues to chase the breaking and exclusive scoops across London.

This role often involves needing to react to fast-paced and changing stories as they develop on the day, so applications indicating more flexibility in availability will be preferred. You’ll also need to familiarise yourself (with our help!) with the legal processes of controversial news stories, which will include things like contacting organisations and people for comment, fact-checking, and providing sources.

You’ll work alongside the Editors in Chief in writing your own articles and editing others’.

Some examples of what you might work on include stories like these:

Features Editor

As Features Editor, you’ll be in charge of writing and editing the most fun and ridiculous feature pieces about student lifestyle and entertainment trends.

We’re looking for one person who’s witty, opinionated, and knows what students care about to continue putting out the hilarious content The Tab London is known for. There’s a lot of room to be creative in this role, and Editors in Chief will work with you to develop your ideas.

Some examples of what you might work on include stories like these:

TikTok Editor

Our TikTok has really taken off this year acquiring a total of over two million views, and we want someone to continue to grow the page and our followers.

You’ll need to think of creative ways to incorporate the latest TikTok trends, audios, and formats into relatable content for London students. This role would best suit someone who is very outgoing, happy to talk to other students, and loves to show their beautiful face on camera as you will be expected to regularly create vox pops interviewing students on campus or nights out.

If you think you’ve got what it takes and want to apply for any of the advertised roles, please fill out the Google form below. We’d love to hear from all of you, and if in doubt – just go for it! Good luck!

Feel out this form here or below to be an Editor of The London Tab.

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