Quiz: Design a London night out and we’ll tell you what 2014 Tumblr musician you are

‘Why’d you only call me when you’re high?’

It’s official: the 2014 Tumblr aesthetic is back. Cue flashbacks of galaxy print leggings and moustache finger tattoos.

If you spent your teen years scrolling your dash for Supernatural and Sherlock gif sets and pastel grunge outfits, you’d probably have reblogged some angsty song lyrics from iconic 2010s artists such as Halsey, Lana Del Rey and The Neighbourhood.

With The 1975’s new album and Arctic Monkeys’ 2023 tour, artists of our favourite era are making a comeback. So put on your Dr Martens, winged eyeliner, and ripped mom jeans: take this quiz to find out which 2014 Tumblr artist you really are.

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