A UCL student has done what we’ve all considered and brought a bottle of whisky to a lecture

As one person commented, he was so real for that

A UCL student has proved you don’t need to skip your lecture to go to the bar – you can bring the bar to your lecture.

A TikTok recently went viral for showing a UCL student sitting in class with a bottle of booze next to his laptop. 

At first it looked like he was drinking rosé, but it turns out fancy whisky glasses happen to look a lot like wine glasses, and it was actually a bottle of Macallan whisky.

This isn’t one you’ll find on the spoons menu, though – their cheapest bottle is £65. The most expensive is nearly 10 times that, the best part of  a year’s tuition.

The video, posted by @bankrollsuf, has since been deleted, but not before commenters could praise him for going “to class with class” and “going thru it but in a classic way”. 

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