University of Liverpool is planning on raising tuition fees

You’ve got to be kidding?

Liverpool law Professor Michael Dougan says Leave campaign was ‘criminally irresponsible’

His previous video campaigning to Remain went viral, attracting almost 7 million viewers

BNOC 2016: The Final

This is a popularity contest.

Vote Now: BNOC Group B, 2016

The race is on.

Vote Now: BNOC Group A, 2016

The race is on.

Why Liverpool should be your first choice

Did we mention we’re the original red brick institution?

The Alternative Smithdown Festival

Headliners include FemSoc vs. PhilSoc wrestling match

Vote Now: things we’ll miss most about Liverpool

Can I take Harry Anderson home with me?

Group work is the worst thing you’ll experience at uni

The only thing it teaches you is how much you hate other people

You can now go to free mental health sessions in cafes across Liverpool

They will be held in churches, cafes and community halls

I’m halfway through first year and I’ve never been clubbing

Ain’t about that Juicy life

How to cope if you failed January exams

Throw yourself a pity party at Concert Square

Liverpool hockey girls: Queens of AU

They dressed up as pre and post 2007 Britney once

Liverpool female professors paid over £8,000 less than male equivalents

Liverpool Uni ranks as 9th worst in the country for the gender pay gap between professors

Hundreds of students left waiting hours for exam results

Vet students didn’t receive their results until the following day

Don’t pretend you hate LMSS, we all fancy medic boys really

They’re just so good with their hands

Smithdown house parties are hell on earth

Do you even know the weirdos you’re letting in your house?

Re-enactment Society given £400 by Guild to buy a tent

Other societies, such as FemSoc, received nothing

People who socialise in the library are the spawn of Satan

We don’t want to hear about how mad last night was

Medigate continues: Guild releases statement about why they axed LMSS

Basically because of girls, boys and money