Medigate continues: Guild releases statement about why they axed LMSS

Basically because of girls, boys and money

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The Guild has released a statement online saying why LMSS was de-ratified last week.

In the statement, posted on their website, the Guild claimed that the Liverpool Medical Student’s Society did not meet the recommendations of the action plan drawn up by the University, the Guild and LMSS officers, following the Smoker script scandal in 2014.

According to the Guild, by late 2015, there were “still significant parts of the action plan that were not being met”, despite LMSS being given extended deadlines and numerous opportunities to engage with the Guild for help.

The statement claims that LMSS continued to hold events that “could appear to encourage gender segregation”. Following consultation on the Equality and Human Rights Commission, the Guild and the University advised LMSS that they should not hold separate mens’ and ladies’ Dinners (annual events in the LMSS calendar). The Guild claims that LMSS told them the events were no longer gender segregated, but concerns were raised when the nature of the events appeared not to have changed.

Another area of concern against LMSS was their unwillingness to “adhere to Guild financial procedures”, with the statement claiming that as a charity, the Guild has strict legal requirements to adhere to.

The statement ended with the Guild emphasising their support of other 200 societies at the university, including 26 medical-related societies that they will continue to support after the de-ratifiing of LMSS.

Regarding the vote of no-confidence petition against Guild President Harry Anderson, set up by medical student Thomas Powell, the Guild said that they were “a democratic organisation” where “students are able to challenge the decisions [they] make”, and the signatures on the petition were currently being verified. The petition currently has 1,272 signatures and has been signed by current students, alumni and even the parents of medics.

Second year History and Irish Studies student Maxine told The Tab  “Considering all the drama and accusations flying around, that’s a very cold and strangely bureaucratic response”.

Second year Medic Becky told us, “I think all the medics should see this as a great opportunity to really learn about the society we live in and how attitudes that we hold can offend and affect others.

“I hope that all medics will grow through their experiences at uni, including this one, and will learn to be more open minded and kind.”