Lancaster University has won a Green Gown Award for environmental achievement

The University’s Carbon and Environment Manager accepted the award in Liverpool last mont


On Thursday 30th November, Lancaster University’s Carbon and Environment Manager Jonathan Mills received the “Money for Good” trophy at the 2023 Green Gown Awards in Liverpool.

The award recognises educational institutions that are purposefully harnessing this power to promote beneficial transformations within society.

Lancaster’s Wind Turbine Community Benefit Fund was commended for their commitment to supporting the community.

After receiving the award, Jon Mills said: “I’m delighted that the Wind Turbine Community Benefit Fund has won a Green Gown Award. It’s fantastic that the fund has been recognised for the great work it has done in supporting so many community and environmental projects in and around Lancaster over the last 10 years.”

The Wind Turbine Community Benefit Fund assigns £20,000 yearly supporting sustainable projects. The fund monetarily aids Lancaster District-centred non-profit organizations, charities, trusts, community groups, and voluntary organisations and has recently celebrated its tenth anniversary.

Annually, Lancaster University’s wind turbine produces 15 per cent of the energy used on campus. As a university, Lancaster is one of the highest producers of renewable energy, having reduced their electricity and heating emissions by approximately 50 per cent since 2005. The university is also committed to being carbon neutral by 2035, and “net zero” carbon emissions from energy use by 2030.

Vice-Chancellor Professor Andy Schofield said: “Sustainability has been at the heart of Lancaster University since its foundation. We’re very proud that this Green Gown Award emphasises our commitment to building strong communities by creating positive change and working collaboratively.”

Lancaster University is committed to reducing it’s carbon footprint having declared a climate emergency in 2020, as well as being fifth best in the UK for Sustainability. The university is immersing itself in sustainability, by introducing sustainable concepts to all aspects of university life.

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