Asha Flemons

Student Contributor

Asha Flemons
Lancaster University

Environmental news, nature, local news, music, literature, student lifestyle, Lancaster University, food, student advice, wildlife

  • Asha Flemons is a current writer for the Lancaster Tab, where she pitches ideas and writes articles for the site, including breaking news, guides, quizzes, experience and opinion pieces
  • Asha's main journalistic interest is local and relevant news stories, whilst she also enjoys covering a wide range of articles such as more lightweight experience pieces, guides and quizzes
  • Outside of the Tab, Asha enjoys spending time in nature, exploring independent coffee shops and trying new wild swimming spots! She particularly loves the environment and volunteering when she can


Asha Flemons joined The Tab Lancaster during her second year of University, writing a wide range of articles from breaking news to experience pieces, with a passion for environmental journalism


Asha is a third year at Lancaster University studying BA English Literature, having completed a minor in both Philosophy and Intensive German. She previously studied at Ralph Allen Sixth Form, and Hayesfield Girls School prior to that


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