Kent Union Sports VP sacked over claims of gross misconduct

The details of his ‘gross misconduct’ have not yet been revealed

Third year student stabbed to death by boyfriend she met on Tinder

They had been dating for seven months

Orlando Bloom just got told off for calling himself a ‘pikey from Kent’

On Radio 1 this morning

This summer’s graduation ceremonies will not be in Canterbury Cathedral

Absolute liberty!!!!!!!!!!!!

Canterbury Tesco is pulling Heineken beers from shelves

They’re refusing to accept Heineken’s price increases, which it blamed on the weak pound and the budget

Sankeys is coming to Kent

Opening party on April 1st

What was the protest against the NSS all about?

The Student Assembly Against Austerity came out to protest against the National Student Survey

Kent tuition fees set to rise by £250 per year


Milo Yiannopoulos address to Canterbury Sixth Form cancelled

He was due to speak at the grammar school he was once expelled from

Milo Yiannopoulos will speak at his old school in Canterbury next week

He was expelled from the grammar school over 15 years ago

The VP of Education will be speaking live at 6pm about BHM blunder

He will be talking about the issues that have been faced with the NUS

There was a BHM protest in front of Essentials

Around 30 people stood in front of Essentials defending the integrity of BHM

The Sabbs were roasted by students in lengthy BHM mess-up discussion

It went on for hours

There’s going to be an open forum to discuss Black History Month at UKC

It’s happening tonight in KLT1 at 6:30pm

Kent Union and Kent Uni formally apologise for Black History Month campaign

‘We made a mistake’

Kent Union’s Facebook page has plummeted to a 1.3 star rating

All down to Zayn Gate

Kent Union makes Zayn Malik and Sadiq Khan faces of Black History Month

People are really confused

‘Killer clowns’ spotted in Kent

One was brandishing a sword on a bridge over the M20