We got £50,000 compensation after police assaulted us at a student protest

How much Warhammer can I buy for that


Two brothers are set to receive £50,000 in compensation after they were assaulted and wrongly arrested after getting caught up in protests.

Christopher and Andrew Hilliard were wrongly accused of dragging a policeman off his horse and were then surrounded by riot police in the 2010 protest over rising student fees.

Even David Cameron got in involved, calling them out in a 2010 speech, claiming police had been “dragged off horses and beaten”.

But during their trial, it was discovered the mounted officer hadn’t secured his saddle and instead grabbed one of the brothers to try and regain his balance.

Now they’ve been handed £25,000 each and are completely clear of all blame.

Teeside student Christopher told The Tab: “The situation was hell and we had a possible five years in prison hanging over our heads.”

Christopher and Andrew Hilliard

He added: “We effectively got two years of the salary of the officer who started it all.

“Although it would have been nice to bump it to £27,000 to mirror the cost of a three year degree from many universities who are charging the top fees.”

But his brother Andrew was less positive.

He admitted: “£25,000 allows me to get on with my life and plan for the future, however I’m not sure anything will change in the appalling police mentality.

“I have lost trust in the police and don’t feel safe around them.”

Following a court being told that close analysis of TV footage did not depict the brothers behaving violently, they were found not guilty.

Christopher said: “David Cameron massively over-stepped his bounds as a politician, his actions could very well have tainted a jury, and affect the concept of innocent until proven guilty.

“I’d like an apology.”


Around 50,000 protesters marched through London to fight the fee changes in 2010

Despite the incident in 2010, the brothers have not been put off going to protests.

Christopher said: “Even with my unease and nervousness around the police, I’m more careful than ever.

“I now only attend with people I can really trust and rely on, and I wear a builders helmet to most of them.”

The experience has also led Christopher to change his course from Computer Games Design to law.

Andrew added: “If we allow authorities to make us afraid then they have won.

“They clamp down on protesters because protesting works so we have to continue to do it.”


153 people were arrested at the protest in 2010

Offering out advice for anyone planning to go to a student protest, he said: “One thing anyone can do is record everything.

“It might surprise some of you to hear police and politicians can lie.

“So the best thing to prove them wrong is evidence the only evidence you can get yourself is video and pictures.”

A spokesperson for the Met said: “The Metropolitan police service has settled civil claims brought by Christopher Hilliard and Andrew Hilliard following their arrest during a protest on 9 December 2010.

“The claimants have also been given a written apology confirming that they should not have been arrested and expressing regret for the distress and injury suffered.”