Answers left on back of EIE exam paper, pandemonium ensues

Students burst out laughing after realising department accidentally put mark scheme at the back of their exam and after panicky few minutes, have answer sheets taken off them and told to get on with it.

No seriously, this happened.

The First year Operating Systems exam was one to remember after some lucky, lucky Electrical and Information Engineering Freshers were treated to a small “helping hand” after a printing error resulted in the paper’s mark scheme being attached to the back of the questions booklet.

This, naturally, resulted in the exam hall burst into laughter after a few minutes and the invigilators were faced with the unenviable task of contacting the course convenor to explain the minor problem and were left unable to stop the lung-busting chortling or sudden, contagious outbreak of chattiness between the 40 students taking the exam as they were left running around like headless chickens.

Aside from vivaciously copying everything from the answer sheet to the exam paper, laughing is all there is to do

The convenor summarily ran down from his office and his response? He couldn’t help but join in with the laughter. They then decided to just take the mark schemes off everyone and let them get on with it, hoping no one would be able to remember the plethora of answers they’d just been given. Easier than rescheduling the whole thing, right?

How else could they have responded?

It is understood that no other glaring errors were present, like multiple choice sheets already having the answers plugged in, or formulae written on the whiteboards, but maybe, just maybe, their luck hasn’t run out before they get stuck into second year.

One of the students present told The Tab “I raised my hand briefly, hoping to inform the invigilators of the error, but quickly retracted it after realising I might be the only one with the mark scheme. On looking around, I heard one of my peers sniggering at the front of the exam hall, and then seconds later the whole hall was in stitches as our examiners looked on blankly. Surely the best start to any of my exams”

Unfortunately, this only happened in one of the Freshers’ eight exams for the year, but no doubt everyone will be hoping they get extended the same courtesy a fair few times in future.