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Petition to stop graduation venue move hits 1,000 signatures in 12 hours

Students clearly oppose the decision

Hull graduation ceremonies to no longer happen at City Hall

The Bonus Arena has been selected as the new venue

Free printing credits raised to £20 per year

“This is a huge step forward in eliminating financial issues that students may face.”

Dirty Bird has reopened after closing last year

They received a 1-star hygiene rating

Man, 24, arrested in connection to Libby’s disappearance

The man lived on Raglan Street

Hull community pulls together as search for Libby continues

Gardeners arms has been offering free hot drinks to police helping with the search

Hundreds of students organise search party to find missing Hull Uni student Libby Squire

Students will be meeting outside the Student Union building at 3pm

Piper ramp up student safety after student disappearance

They will book your taxi and charge your phone for you